At Home With Lucy Rooth

The time has arrived for a much needed summer break but before my adventure begins I am taking you on a journey to Chicago to meet Lucy Rooth. I discovered Lucy on Instagram where her beautiful tablescapes stood out to me. She creates tables in a variety of styles: ...

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At Home With Mitty

In my journey of sharing stories to inspire and delight I am thrilled this week to showcase Victoria Leach, or Mitty as she is known by her family and friends. Mitty radiates joy and, like me, enjoys delighting in the simple pleasures of life. Radiant - Mitty loves to...

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At Home With Gilly Hernandez

Joie de vivre is possessed by Gilly Hernandez in armfuls. Just a glimpse of her Instagram feed tells a story of a lady who really and utterly celebrates life.  Perhaps this is no surprise as Gilly was born on the Carribean Island of Trindad and Tobago, a place which...

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Purse Friendly Planting

Flowers add delight and joy to our everyday.  Colours lift our mood and make us feel more positive. What could be nicer than surrounding yourself with flowers in colours you adore? Baby pink petunia plants from my local garden centre Whether you have a small light...

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Spring in a Vase

Although the weather is still bitter cold outside the sun has been shining bright giving a much needed boost to our spirits. Flower arranging is a passion of mine; the act of arranging flowers is so therapeutic. Taking a few moments to admire their beauty, to touch...

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Compact Green Houses for Green Fingers

My utility room is turning into a greenhouse, pots of orchids which have past their flowering best are lined up on the shelf.  I mentioned to my husband that it may be the right time to invest in a small green house or cupboard for outside;  a place to keep my orchids...

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