Julia Hoelzel

As soon as my eyes see something which has been made using the technique of block printing I am intrigued and immediately drawn in.  I am captivated by the art of it, an ancient technique in which wood blocks are used to print designs on paper or textiles. In warmer...

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At Home With Jackie Clark

This week we are taking a trip to Cincinnati to meet Jackie, creator of Darling of Style.  Jackie shares all things pretty on her blog which features lots of classic fashion finds and more.

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Spring in a Vase

Although the weather is still bitter cold outside the sun has been shining bright giving a much needed boost to our spirits. Flower arranging is a passion of mine; the act of arranging flowers is so therapeutic. Taking a few moments to admire their beauty, to touch...

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Compact Green Houses for Green Fingers

My utility room is turning into a greenhouse, pots of orchids which have past their flowering best are lined up on the shelf.  I mentioned to my husband that it may be the right time to invest in a small green house or cupboard for outside;  a place to keep my orchids...

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Pretty Spring Tables

Setting the table changes the energy at home; it adds joy and delight.  It breaks up the normality of the everyday.  The small act of making a pretty table really makes those around the table feel loved and cherished. I encourage you for at least one family meal over...

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