Meet Clara Bentata, Founder of One Design Club

When Clara was little, she took immense pride in organising and tidying her bedroom, “I was always re-arranging things, dusting and dreaming and, in all honesty, nothing has really changed!”. Fortunate to have benefited from a wonderful education and a life filled with rich and varied travel experiences, Clara’s roots have never changed. Wherever she goes, she seeks to go the extra mile and make her house a home.

In this world of swipe up and shop now, Clara has discovered that too often the things we most covet do not always bring us the satisfaction, and happiness we thought they would. One Design Club shares stories from homemakers, tastemakers, and interior designers to educate, inspire and delight you to find your own style.

Clara says, “We must never stop talking, and sharing stories”, life today can leave us feeling lonely and disconnected from reality, especially if you are working from home. Since Clara has started to write her blog, she has been fortunate to meet so many like-minded people she now considers friends. Through her articles she also hopes you will find connections and meet people with shared values and passions.

Sharing Stories with Purpose

Sharing with purpose, One Design Club stands out. We want to be 100% transparent. We write articles because we have a story to tell. We never write articles or feature businesses in exchange for gifts or any payment of any kind. If Clara receives a gift, she will always tell you. Our articles may contain links to visit online shops however we make no referral commission.

If you want to support One Design Club you can donate to ONETREEPLANTED, a global non-profit charity which is on a mission of global reforestation.

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