What a start to the New Year! I laughed out loud at a funny caption I read a few days ago, “I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021, I’ve experienced the free 7-day trial and I’m not interested”. I think most of us would agree! That said, this new year I have marked one of the most, if not the most, important milestones of my life: the ninth birthday of my twin daughters. I hope you also have enjoyed some special moments; we have to keep finding the silver linings and looking ahead to brigher days as they will surely come.

Now more than ever our lives are centered around our homes.  Our homes have now become an office, school, restaurant and spa! I always say our homes are where our hearts are and it is in our homes that we can exercise a degree of control over how we live and the choices we make. We can choose to make everyday moments a little bit more magical.  One way I do this is by always starting my day by having a lovely cup of tea in my favourite Wedgwood Wild Strawberry teacup. The design is so whimsical and a real delight for me.

I also try to keep my home organised and tidy. This helps me to feel calm and focused. In order to keep an organised and tidy home it is critical that your home functions well for you. You have to think about how your space flows and how you store things. This is not perhaps the most exciting element of interiors but I would say this is really the foundation of making your house a home.

With that in mind it is my pleasure to introduce to you my At Home Style Series Interview with Laurel Butler of Laurel Living Designs. Laurel has recently graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture. Her expertise lies in the functionality of a space which is key for creating a well planned home.  Laurel also has a passion for sourcing beautiful objects and furniture and loves to visit the beautiful interior shops dotted in and around Chelsea for inspiration.

Describe your personal design style in 3 words?

Minimalistic, detailed features, modern

Image ©  Rose Uniacke 

Favourite room in your home?

My favourite place in my home is the outdoor bar I designed during the first lockdown. With only one room and a small area to work with it became an exciting challenge to design with these limitations and see what I could create within the space.

Now it is complete I love to take myself up there, away from the hustle and bustle of the main household to work or even just read a book and have a coffee. Despite the original usage to be as a bar (due to the lack of bars in lockdown!) It has now morphed into a multi-use space, another reason I love it.

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me daily, I believe inspiration can happen from just a small glimpse of seeing the right colour combination on an autumnal day or seeing a selection of stones naturally placed that spring an idea to mind.

However, I’d say I’m mainly inspired by my degree and all of the wonderful architects and designers I discovered during my time studying.  At University the course was based around designing in a community driven manner, supporting and benefiting the users from designs created. A lot of my ideas were inspired by artists such as Anni Albers and William Morris, who allowed their textiles to become part of the architecture.

Image ©  Morris & Co

Travel is another key inspiration of mine. Over the last few years I have travelled around the world discovering different cultures and their traditions within the context of design.

I have taken aspects of these countries to help me when venturing into projects of my own. The memories I hold from these places are also then surrounding me when I’m in a space of my own – which in turns makes me feel more at ease and subconsciously enjoy the space more. I’d definitely advice anyone who is trying to find inspiration from something to travel, easier said than done with the current climate, but even if it means heading to the local gallery, it really help spark ideas.

Laurel visiting an Art Gallery in Copenhagen

Your greatest home extravagance?

I am a sucker for Homesense and everything they sell! I bought a lovely side table for the bar with a unique design to match with the quirky style of the space. I also have a lovely tall ceramic vase from there which is great for holding pampas or any faux plants.

Last time you treated yourself?

The last time I treated myself was probably last week when I shopped online at Look Fantastic, my absolute go to website for all things beauty. I topped up on some lovely face creams and masks to have a Sunday Pamper evening!

What is on your wish list?

My materialistic wish list for home décor is endless!!! But I would say my top items have to be anything Anisa Kermiche has to offer, especially her Love Handles Vase.

Image ©  Matches Fashion

I also want to treat myself to Ester and Erik candles, there is something so unique in their design and graceful in their approach.

Image © Velvet Victoria Home 

In terms of my future wish list I wish to travel again to develop my eye for interiors by visiting more countries to explore architecture and design styles.

What is the favourite interior project you have completed?

I’d have to say my favourite interior project completed would be the same answer as my favourite room in my home, the outhouse bar completed in lockdown!

I am also in the middle of completing a slightly more architectural job on the front exterior of a home, developing the façade to give it an uplift. This has been very exciting and much more related to my degree of  it is still in the process of being developed but coming along nicely.

Having only graduated recently I am just at the start of my career but enjoying every moment of it and learning something new everyday!

Thank you so much Laurel for your interview, it is lovely to get an insight into your style! Please do follow Laurel for her design inspiration and more.