In my journey of sharing stories to inspire and delight I am thrilled this week to showcase Victoria Leach, or Mitty as she is known by her family and friends.

Mitty radiates joy and, like me, enjoys delighting in the simple pleasures of life.

Radiant – Mitty loves to wear dresses and always looks so polished and chic!

Inspired by classic British holidays by the sea, a few months ago Mitty launched Bridie and Bert.  Must have beach dresses, cover-ups and towels, Mitty has designed a classic and wearable range perfect for family holidays.

Mitty and her beautiful daugher in co-ordinating dresses from Bridie and Bert

It is lovely to share with you today this At Home Style Series interview with Mitty and I hope you enjoy it.

Your personal design style in three words?

Floral, vintage, comfortable.

Tea for one – a beautiful set up using reclaimed furniture which Mitty has given a new lease of life

Favourite room in your home?     

My kitchen

What inspires you?

The sea and simple pleasures.

Your greatest extravagance?

An Everhot cooking range in my last home… but then I got divorced and sold the house!

Dream cooker – an Everhot © Everhot

What is on your wish list?                 

I dream of having a house by the sea.

Your favourite interior designer?

My favourite interior designer is Joanna Wood. I actually worked for her years ago and she has always been an inspiration to me.

Exqusite details in the home of internationally acclaimed interior designer, Joanna Wood. Picture © Joanna Wood

The beautiful shop front of Joanna Wood Interiors, Picture © What Helen Likes

Thank you so much Mitty for sharing your time with us and letting us have a glimpse into your life, style and influences.  Keep up to date with Mitty on Instagram!

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