This year the run up to the holidays is unique.  Our calendars would usually have at least one exciting entry detailing festive filled activities but this year it’s different.

Unquestionably our festive fun will be centred around the home. This year has taught us all that it is there where our hearts belong.  It’s the place in which we can create festive fun and magic for our families (face to face and perhaps via Zoom too!).

When I think of the festive season my mind immediately switches into overdrive and I start making mental lists of things to do, gifts to buy and tables to set.  In my home we celebrate the Jewish Festival of Light, Chanukah as well as Christmas.

So, tables need to be planned and consideration given of what to cook and bake! It is the former task which fills me with great joy, how will I set my table, what flowers will I buy, what pieces will I use and what little extras will I purchase to make my table unique and special.

Throughout the year I like to buy linens, placemats and napkins and then I often mix and match these to create individual looks.  As much as I am tempted to shop a complete ‘look’ often this is not viable as I want to consider my budget as well as making my own personal mark on my table.

One of the small businesses I look to when shopping for pieces for my table is Rebecca Udall.

Rebecca Udall is a small independent homeware brand established by Rebecca Udall herself in 2019.  Rebecca has exceptional eye for quality, her products elevate the everyday and offer good value for money as their quality is exceptional.

Pieces I have bought from Rebecca are timeless and really do work well in a variety of settings – a casual week night supper or more formal Friday night dinner.  I am a big believer that we should not save the best we have in a cupboard to gather dust but instead use and enjoy them, I get great pleasure using and valuing what I have.

Rebecca also offers luxurious bedding and the most divine scalloped edged towels which may all be customised with your personal colours to match your home – that has to be the ultimate luxury!

It is with great pleasure for me to present to you Rebecca Udall in this week’s At Home Style Series feature, I hope you will enjoy getting to know more about the wonderful lady and young entrepreneur behind this gorgeous brand.

Describe your personal design style in 3 words?

I would say elegant, warm and layered.

Favourite room in your home?

Our bedroom. It feels really calm and I love sleep!

What inspires you?

So much – from illustrators or artists I find on Instagram, pieces of exquisite French lace which are catalysts for glassware to more obvious places such as nature and manufacturer archives. I also find fabric houses and interior designers really inspiring – how they combine colours and textures really inspires me when curating table settings. Antiques and vintage pieces are also fantastic sources.

Picture ©  Annie Waring

Your greatest home extravagance?

Our bed – specifically the headboard and divan. I was set on a boucle wool as I wanted something neutral so that we didn’t tire of it, but equally wanted it to have lots of texture and feel really cosy. I feel that we will have it for ten years so it was a worthy investment.

Last time you treated yourself?

It is few and far between at the moment as I am investing so much in work, time wise and financially. At the moment I am enjoying simple pleasures such as supporting our local Patisserie, Florian Poirot, run by a French UK pastry champion. I feel really fortunate to have such a great business on the doorstep, so feel obliged to support…

 What is on your wish list?

Artwork. We haven’t purchased any yet and our home is definitely missing the interest that art adds. I love the Jam Jar Edit’s pressed flowers, Felicity Buchanan’s illustrations and Annie Waring’s still life fruit. They are all really affordable options (from about £150) and very different.

Picture © Jam Jar Edit

Picture © Felicity Buchanan 

Your favourite table setting?

Oh gosh – that’s hard! I honestly couldn’t say – sometimes I am in the mood for feminine and whimsy scallops and/or frills with wooden cutlery. Other times I prefer a more refined look with a crisp white linens and polished cutlery… I couldn’t even say colours over neutrals as both can be absolutely beautiful. It really depends on the occasion.

Thank you so much Rebecca for giving us an insight into your life! Please do follow Rebecca to keep up to date with her and her gorgeous business.