Outside in the garden the leaves are changing colour; the once luscious, green leaves are being replaced by rusty shades of yellow and burnt orange.  Soon my flower beds will look sparse; the plants will be cut back to go to sleep for the winter months ahead.

Whilst I do miss the bright pops of colour in the cooler months I so look forward to the spring and summer once again when my garden comes alive.

From my garden to the table – there is nothing more satisfying that arranging flowers from your own garden

In the weeks ahead I am planning to spend time outside planting bare root roses and bulbs for spring.

With this in mind I wanted to share with you some advice which I hope will inspire you in your own garden.

I should warn you I am not a professional gardener, these are my tips and tricks from lessons I am learning as I go along!  That is the beauty of gardening, you have freedom to experiment, some things work and some don’t!


I adore roses, there are so many colours and varieties to choose from.

In fact so many that it can be overwhelming! Where do you start?!

  • Colour

When choosing a colour you have two options, you can choose a colour you love and are drawn too, or you can choose a colour which co-ordinates with the other plants in your garden.

In my case I often choose pink roses as I adore this joyful colour! However in my main flower beds I choose white roses as I think these look beautiful against my other plants which are mainly purple and shades of green.

A bunch of delight; beautiful roses from my garden

  • Variety

Once you have narrowed down your options based on your colour scheme then you need to consider the size and scale of the rose you are looking at (once it is fully grown).

You can purchase so many different kinds of roses – shrub, climbers, hedges, the list goes on, so you need to identify where you want to plant your rose and pick the appropriate variety.

If you do not have a lot of outside space some shrub roses grow beautifully in large pots (ideally at least 45 x 45cm).  I have yet to try growing roses in pots but I one day I am going to try this.

  • David Austin 

I love to purchase my roses from David Austin. 

I would recommend you to order a Handbook of Roses from their website as a great place to look for ideas and inspiration.

Potted roses make a great gift for all year around but I recommend if you are buying roses to plant in the coming months then purchase them as a bare root.  This works out much cheaper than buying potted roses and the packaging is very lightweight and easy to recycle.


Spring in a vase 

Spring bulbs (tulips and daffodils) are a must for a seasonal garden.  Last year I planted bulbs in pots and planters and really enjoyed watching them grow.

A word of warning, you really need a lot of bulbs to make a floral statement! Last year when I planted tulip bulbs at the back of my garden I really felt that I did not plant enough so they really got lost.

As a start I recommend planting bulbs in the places in your garden you see the most, that way you will have maximum pleasure from the beautiful flowers.

Last year I bought my bulbs directly from a grower in the Netherlands however this year I am going to try out Dobies. Their prices look very competitive and they offer some great offers for bulk buys.

Again I recommend requesting a copy of their Catalogue so you can look at all the options before you make your final decisions.

I hope you have found my article useful and that you feel inspired to get outside and create some floral magic of your own!

Happy planting!

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