Bowood House has been on my bucket list of places to visit for over a year now. Last summer whilst driving down on a family holiday to Cornwall we passed signs for directions to it and I felt rather like a small child standing outside a toy shop peering in at all the delights. I desperately wanted to go but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. My husband does not do scenic segues on long journeys. Once we are on our way it’s straight down to business – no detours, no service stations, no stopping for anything except perhaps for the toilet. I am sure this is something to which many of you can relate.

Blue skies and Bowood House and Gardens, a perfect combination

Esteemed interior designer John Fowler, on a visit to Bowood House in the 1950’s, discovered a document which inspired him to create a fabulous floral chintz pattern, Bowood.

His Bowood design is iconic, relevant and highly sought after. Designers and homemakers today incorporate his floral pattern into dreamy and much loved room schemes.

The sweetest chair; Bowood and frills go hand in hand! Image © Anna Louise Wolfe, Fine Interior Design

Interior designer Clary Bosbyshell incorporates Bowood into this chic nursery. Image © Clary Bosbyshell

Last year I too added some Bowood into my own home.  Our Master bedroom was bland, quite honestly it needed an injection of flowers to bring it to life. So when Colefax and Fowler launched new colourways I immediately added a new custom made valance, throw cushions and hand painted Bowood inspired lamp shades.

Bespoke handpainted lampshades by one of my favourite artist’s, Sarah Blomfield

Breathing life into my bedroom; the most divine cushions made by The Workroom 

Sadly for me there was no Bowood fabric on display at Bowood House however during our visit we learned that the ‘House’ itself, or the ‘Big House’ as it is referred to was actually demolished after World War II.

Masses of pink roses really make a statement in the gardens at Bowood House

In fact it was one of 250 country houses of architectural importance destroyed during this time.  The building you see is what remains after the demolition so one can only imagine how breathtaking the Big House would have been.

The setting is truly magical and on a beautiful day with a picnic (pass by Allington Farm Shop to pick up perfect picnic treats) or even have refreshments at the House and Gardens itself.  Honestly, you could not wish for a more beautiful place to visit.

It is also wonderful to be able to support the legacy of this wonderful place as ticket sales help to ensure that we all can enjoy this marvellous place for many years to come.

Clara x

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