My utility room is turning into a greenhouse, pots of orchids which have past their flowering best are lined up on the shelf.  I mentioned to my husband that it may be the right time to invest in a small green house or cupboard for outside;  a place to keep my orchids until they flower again, plant seedlings and grow tomatoes.

He thinks my suggestion is mad. From personal experience it takes me two years from when I casually mention a home improvement idea to execution!  So, I will keep my little vision alive and in the meantime I wanted to share with you some charming functional Victorian style greenhouses I sourced.

These three options I would say are suitable for most gardens. Whilst there are even smaller options available I felt the ones I have selected are a nice in between solution if you are not able to have a proper sized greenhouse but still want something functional and attractive to look at!

  • Tall Wall Greenhouse from Primrose

I love this placed against a wall – it is perfect where space is limited as it measures just 5ft by 2ft.

So divine I just adore this option, the detailing on the roof really is majestic. The price includes installation and several colour options are available.

A very neat option which would look lovely filled with an assortment on teracotta pots!

Happy gardening, Clara

Cover Image © Hartley Botanic

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