In this article I want to share with you some tips to get your bedroom Summer ready.  I have been busy making some little changes to my bedroom to prepare for the summer ahead and I thought you may find these useful too.

  • Summer duvet

A few years ago after getting frustrated with feeling too hot in bed during the warm summer months I invested in a 2.0-4.0 tog duvet.  Honestly this was a life changing purchase and you can find them in most department stores.

Isn’t it funny how you would not think twice about going out in summer in your winter clothing but often when it comes to items for the home we can try and make do!

A summer duvet is really a wise purchase for your bedroom. If you like the feeling of being snuggled up in softness then you should really consider one for your bed. I personally love this feeling – just having a top sheet is not enough for me!

  •  Fan

We do not have air conditioning at home and it can get very hot in London so I bought a Dyson Cool fan,  My husband thought I was mad but all I can say is he absolutely loves it and now we would not be without it!

  • Throw

In the cooler months you may have a  blanket or a throw for your bed to add warmth and cosiness.

In these warmer months remove these from your bed – I like to take this as an opportunity to have these dry cleaned and then store them in a clear storage box in the loft.

I like to cover my bed clothes completely with a throw – for me it makes the bed look neat and tidy.  So finding a lightweight summer throw is another wise investment.  You can find some lovely light throws in Cologne and Cotton – they have a lovely selection of very well priced ones.

  • Dress Cushions

I like to use lighter fabrics in the warmer months so whilst velvet cushions are perfect for the winter consider removing these from your bed in the summer.  Either have none  on your bed or invest in some cotton cushion covers.  I usually just buy the same size of cushion covers and use the cushion pads that I have already so that avoids having unnecessary bulk in the house.

I hope I have inspired you to think about your summer bedroom and how you can make it more comfortable for the warmer months,

Clara x