Are you a maximalist? Do you love making a statement and adopt more is more approach? Or are you more content with a more minimalist or less is more approach? Or maybe, like me you like to mix it up a bit!

Whether you live in a rented studio or a grand detached house, our home is our refuge, it is the place which we are able to have the space to be truly ourselves.

When you approach your decorating decisions you first need to go on a journey to find our own personal taste.   There is always the temptation to replicate interior ideas from images we see in glossy magazines and on social media but these perfect images will never reflect the real you – we all all unique.

Of course, from all these sources seek ideas and inspiration. This is essential, it is the only way you can start to educate yourself on what you like, dislike, love or detest!

For me I so much enjoy finding inspiration images of work of interior designers and homemakers.

I find travelling, going to a beautiful restaurant or café as well as visiting beautiful hotels brilliant sources for interior inspiration.

Photograph © Claridges

I have discovered that when you see a design you love there will be many factors in play as to whether it will work in our own homes.

Space, budget, priorities, the list is endless really and constantly changing and evolving.  Even when you embark on a project with an experienced team of builders, project manager and / or interior designer unexpected surprises will always crop up, I suppose that is what keeps us on our toes!

Our homes are the place which we have the space to be truly ourselves, we must, when decorating focus on what we love and what makes us feel comfortable.

I give a lot of thought to guest powder rooms as they tend to be small spaces and in this space you have an opportunity to perhaps break a few rules and be little more adventurous than you may otherwise be when making interior decisions about the rest of your home.

These rooms also give you an opportunity to experiment in maximalism!

I love the concept of matching your wallpaper to your window treatments.  In terms of colour you can go bold or choose more soothing neutral shades.

Photograph © Clary Bosbyshell – the Powder Room of Emily Hertz, Born on Fifth featuring Brunschwig and Fils Bird and Thistle

When we renovated our home our little twins were newly born.  There was a lot of structural work to be done including complete electrical re-wiring, plumbing, window refurbishment and roof replacement.  It was a huge undertaking on many levels!

I had a few clear ideas on things I really wanted for our home, and one of those was to use a statement wallpaper in our guest powder room.  I felt confident about making a statement in this room as it is small and did not seem as much of a big decision as the paint colour in the hallway which played safe with and we kept very neutral.

Inspired by Claridge’s hotel, in this guest powder room my aim was to create an art deco elegant vibe, I wanted this little space to feel grown up and refined, a contrast in some ways to our vibrant family home where I do embrace colour and all of the objects and possessions that having a young family brings.

In this room I worked with Laurence J Lewis to create this black and white theme using a wallpaper from Zoffany and wall lights from Vaughan Lighting.

As you grow, learn and expand your mind you discover new things, I absolutely Brunschwig & Fils  Les Touches from their Le Jardin Chinois range which has a beautiful collection of wallpapers and fabrics in over ten colourways.

Also, by Brunschwig & Fils, Bird and Thistle, is stunning and comes in over five colourways.

Photograph © Lee Jofa

Wallpaper works well in a guest powder room if it does not get too much use – there will be little moisture in the air so that will keep your paper in good condition from a maintenance perspective.

Plus, if you have young children or the bathroom gets a lot of use then definitely consider tiling part of the walls, you can paint or wallpaper the top half of the wall – we have recently done this in our other downstairs bathroom and I wish we had done it sooner it is much more hard wearing and easier to keep looking pristine than a painted wall.

I hope I have inspired you to think about your dream guest powder room!