In these long, dark January evenings I find myself looking forward to the small part of my day when I have put my children to bed and my husband is happily watching a documentary or some sports show of his choosing.  Everyone in my home is happy and quiet and even my furry friend has taken herself off to bed to catch up on her sleep. It is terribly hard work being a daschund, you know; they like to sleep up to 18 hours a day!

So, in this little moment of the day, which is mine and mine alone, I have been indulging in some instagram escapism.  My passions are interiors, tablescaping, classic, chic and timeless fashion.  Through these passions I have been able to connect with the most inspiring like minded ladies and that is how I discovered Kate whom I am pleased to introduce you to in this week’s At Home Style Series.

A beautiful London townhouse captured by Kate

Kate has curated the most stunning instagram account, Ivy Lane London, and through this she shares glimpses of her life in London where she lives with her fiance, and snapshots of their adventures together in the great British countryside.

Kate takes us on a trip to the British countryside on her visit to Castle Coombe

By day Kate works as a lawyer and in her free time she escapes the legal world of black and white through the curation of her beautiful Instagram page. She has also recently become affiliated with Like to Know It and shares her favourite finds and things she loves to use everyday.

I find Kate’s home styling truly inspiring; she is a true homemaker. Recently she curated the most stunning gallery picture wall in her bedroom using vintage prints of roses which she selected and had framed.

Charming gallery wall in Kate’s bedroom

A plate wall is something I admire very much in interiors. I have yet to create one in my home so instead I can lust over Kate’s!

Wedgwood statement wall in Kate’s sitting room

With that, make yourself a beautiful cup of tea (English of course!) and sit down and enjoy this gorgeous Style Series Feature!

Describe your personal design style in 3 words?

Traditional, elegant and feminine. But my fiance suggested one word: “floral”!

Kate’s favourite Christmas gift, a beautiful wild rose picture by Geoffrey Preston Sculpture 

Favourite room in your home?

We recently moved our dining table around to convert our dining nook into a home office nook for me. I work full time as a lawyer, so in addition to my dining table workspace I now have an armchair, footstool and reading lamp. It’s much prettier and cosier.

A beautiful cushion pairing in Kate’s London home 

What inspires you?

Nature, all things British, timeless fashion, impressionist and pre-raphaelite art, and great TV and novels. Although the current lockdown in England means we are housebound for the foreseeable future, we would normally take a lot of weekend trips to explore the British countryside and Europe, which are a huge source of inspiration.

Kate exploring the British countryside dressed in the most charming floral dress

Your greatest home extravagance?

Pricey candles. I go through them at an alarming right, but they are the perfect indulgence when so much time is spent at home.

Last time you treated yourself?

I’m having a glass of rose wine as I answer!

The most divine cushions styled by Kate on this classic armchair in her home

What is on your wish list?

A pair of antique Chinese famille rose garden seats — I spend too much time stalking ones I can’t afford on 1st Dibs.

Your favourite interior designer / interior influencer?

At the moment, I’d say Alice Naylor-Leyland (founder of the beautiful Mrs. Alice tableware company). Her home is decorated in a gorgeous, traditional way, but it also seems very liveable.

Thank you, Kate, for sharing your time with us! Please do not forget to follow Kate to keep up to date with her adventures!