The world today can be so frenetic. You can so easily get swept away with the crowd; remaining true to yourself then is something to be rightly celebrated. The culture of more and more again breeds an enviroment in which so little value is placed on the things that are truly important.

Confession, I just bought my first Hill House Home Nap Dress. I am only human after all and a small dose of being influenced is permitted, right? And, the lady in this At Home With Style Series feature just wears her Nap Dress so well!

This week I am taking you to Virginia to meet Mia MacEachen. What a pleasure this is for me.  Mia and I share more than a passion for Nap Dresses, ok, and Pamela Munson handbags too… Beyond this we share common values: we choose to embrace timeless style and believe that less is more.

Garden chic

On her Blog, Mia mindfully curates her wardrobe and home, and her thoughtful posts encourage us to do the same.  Mia embraces traditional values and, honestly, her natural beauty just radiates through.

I know you are going to love reading more about Mia so enjoy!

Describe your personal design style in 3 words?

Feminine, traditional, coastal meets elegant.

A beautifully curated corner in Mia’s dining room at home

Favorite room in your home?

This is a tough one because each room is still a work in progress (and will be until we are finished moving), but I would say my youngest daughter’s room. Mostly because it has the most natural light of any other room, it’s painted in a cheery pink which she picked out herself, and has my current favorite decor/storage item: my scalloped storage baskets!

The cutest scalloped storage baskets, perfect for a tidy home

What inspires you?

Absolutely, travel! When I can’t do that, for the same reasons I love following my favorite accounts from around the world on Instagram to see how others live, what they eat, wear, how they spend their time, and the sights and sounds of the place where they live. There is such exquisite beauty in the many things that make individuals and cultures different from one another, and that I find completely inspiring.

Mia loves to travel and does so in fabulous style

Your greatest home extravagance?

You are going to get a different answer than you may expect simply because of our transitory, military lifestyle. If you talk with any military family long enough, you’ll hear them mention they’re saving a particular purchase or purchases for their “forever home.” The saying, “we can’t have nice things” must have originated with a military-affiliated person since each time we relocate, the movers inevitably damage at least a few items! So during this season, my extravagances are both replaceable and relatively inexpensive knowing the next time we move they’ll probably get broken. However, I did recently order a set of throw pillows for my sofa in a divine Sister Parish fabric that I am extremely excited about – luckily, these can be hand carried during our next move!

Classic timeless styles always catch Mia’s eye

What is on your wishlist?

Oh gosh. Well, piggy-backing off of the previous statement about saving purchases for our forever home, my wish list is massive! My deepest desire, however, is a tie between a beautiful coastal style bedside table lamp with scalloped raffia shade, and a new crisp white sofa paired with blue and white striped chairs for my living room, all from Serena & Lily.

Favourite interior designer and interior influencer?

Easily, Cara & Tom Fox of The Fox Group! Everything they do is oozing with classic beauty, traditional elegance and is just flawless! I also adore influencer Nicola Bathie McLaughlin’s grand, pastel, regal grandmillennial style!

A room for sweet dreams… Image © The Fox Group

Thank you so much Mia for inspiring and delighting us with your life and style.  For more inspiration be sure to follow Mia on Instagram!


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