Flower obsessed? Ok, I think that would be a fair assessment of my passion for flowers! Growing up in Northern Ireland surrounded by huge expanses of lush green open spaces has given me a love for being outside in nature.  My parents enjoy the great outdoors and gardening, especially my mum who inherited her green fingers from her father.  So gardening tips have always been passed on to me from a young age and I chat to my parents frequently about different kinds of plants and flowers.

My personal home interior style is one of trying to achieve a feeling of bringing elements of the outdoors inside.  In many ways we have a quite a minimalist home as we do not like too much clutter and I do try to keep things organised, that said we do have eight year old twin daughters who delightfully fill our home with lots of things! Our home is also quite light and airy as we have kept our colour scheme very simple.  Adding flowers and plants to our home gives a lovely lived in feeling and injects colour and personality.

I absolutely love having cut flowers and plants in our home.  For me our home feels complete when I have fresh seasonal blooms scattered throughout.  I especially love to use flowers on the kitchen and dining table as another passion of mine is setting the table! I find it very difficult to walk past a flower stall without getting a little treat and from time to time I visit my local florist to purchase orchids.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic in this present time I am missing my floral fix so when Lucy Vail Floristry DIY Bloom Buckets appeared on my Instagram feed via a lovely picture which was posted by Antoinette Lettieri I decided to treat myself and order one.

What appealed to me about the DIY Bloom Bucket was the ‘DIY’ element as I really love playing with flowers, cutting them and arranging them in my own selection of vases.  All the flowers I received are seasonal and grown in the UK.

I ordered a large bucket of blooms, and it included varieties such as sweet pea, peonies, sweet william, white roses, lavender and three different kids of foilage. Using the blooms I was able to make a few arrangements as well as have lots of little stems left over so I could fill all my bud vases!  Yes, I admit I was in floral heaven.

I hope you enjoy the images of the arrangements I created, I really loved making them!


Please note the featured image is via Lucy Vail Floristry

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