In the spirit of Thankgiving I wanted to say how grateful I am to you for reading my blog. In a time when we are quite honestly bombarded with information and demands on our time I am humbled that you have taken the time to visit One Design Club.

Living in a world where, in my opinion, we can have too much of a reliance on ‘virtual’ connections it is a real passion of mine to develop more genuine interactions, to put faces on names and to share authentic stories and inspirations.

In this vein I am so pleased to present to you my At Home With Style Series feature with Orlene Paxton.

Orlene is the founder of The Malabar Collective, a small business which sells a beautiful collection of hand blocked table linens which inspire everyday elegance.

Drawing on inspiration from her childhood in Mumbai, Orlene moved to the upper east side of New York City, an area renowned for its timeless and effortless elegance. It was here that Orlene was able to fuse her life experiences and refine and shape her personal style.

Orlene has created a beautiful collection of pieces which are sustainably produced by a group of passionate artisans, small businesses and entrepreneurs based in India.

A festive table which I set using pieces from the Christmas Ornament collection

Orlene, like me, enjoys the routine of setting the table everyday.  Her pieces enable this without fuss or hassle!  She, also like me, encourages her daughters to help set the table which I believe is a wonderful creative outlet and enables mindfulness and gratitude.

Enjoy getting to know more about Orlene in this fascinating at Home With Style Series interview!

Describe your personal design style in 3 words

Effortless, versatile and unfussy.  This carries through in the way I dress, and how I decorate my home and table.

Favourite room in your home

This is definitely my dining room.  It is not necessarily the most used room; our living room is but this room makes me happy.

We moved into our current home last September, so this spring was our first spring here and the room came to life! As you know we had an unusually sunny spring. The room gets light pouring into it which saved us during the first lockdown. With everyone eating all their meals at home – this room became the MVP.  As it got warmer, we would open up the doors and it sort of made you feel like you were outside 🙂

Design wise it is rather sparse, but I love that clean look and the scale of the room.   I generally love collecting things and having things around that tell a story about us, so the other rooms have a lot more going on in them.

What inspires you

Travel! People! Stories!

Beauty inspires me but beauty comes in all forms for me.  In the obvious sense things that are aesthetically pleasing makes me feel happy and rejuvenated but beauty is there everywhere whether its walking by a beautiful house, a tree in bloom, the way the light falls on something or the way light changes the same things throughout the year.

We always take the slightly prettier walk to school even if it’s a touch longer.  I find it easy to find beauty everywhere on most days and this keeps me going and dictates a constant evolution in me.

Your greatest home extravagance

Gosh! I don’t know if I have one. I have a pair of teak wood Buddhist monk sculptures that I carried back from Asia many many years ago. Sadly, they are in storage in NYC as we didn’t bring most of our things here.  But here at home in London it is probably my antique silver box that I have permanently borrowed from my parents.

Last time you treated yourself

This year we all have given up so much that everything I am able to do, everything that makes my life easier feels like a ‘treat’.  My peaceful coffee in the mornings after the kids go to school, the couple hours in the evening that I get to unwind (or work, but with tea and candles) after the kids are in bed, or when housekeeper cooks us dinner – everything feels like a treat.

But for the sake of a simpler answer – I recently bought some Royal Copenhagen star fluted Christmas plates – that was a treat, they are beautiful!

 What is on your wish list

Celine medium Box bag in lizard

Picture © Olympia le Tan

Olympia le Tan book clutch and jewellery… Jewellery is always on my wish list 🙂

Your favourite table setting

This has recently changed for me and now its Royal Copenhagen’s blue fluted plain and white fluted full lace collection.  I love how simple and classic they are.

Others I am currently loving are Gien – les filets and for when I am feeling more maximalist, Ginori Oriente Italiano.

Picture © Gien

All my china and glassware are still in storage in NYC.  We were meant to ship it over after we settled in here, but the pandemic put a damper on that.  So, we only have pretty simple everyday plates here. The one thing it’s taught me how versatile simple plates can be.  You can transform a table to the mood with the linens and flowers, so it feels different and fresh every time.  I love this simpler setting style now; it leads to a less overdone table/ formal table and everything feels beautiful but relaxed.

Please do follow Orlene for more beautiful table insipiration and everyday elegance.

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