Flowers add delight and joy to our everyday.  Colours lift our mood and make us feel more positive. What could be nicer than surrounding yourself with flowers in colours you adore?

Baby pink petunia plants from my local garden centre

Whether you have a small light filled windowsill or a garden the size of a field, you can create a beautiful floral display very simply and very economically.  To make a visual impact I advocate concentrating on a small area and using lots of similar plants.  This enables you to create something which is both manageable and enjoyable to maintain.

On my patio I love creating seasonal displays on my plant theatre. On this occasion I have chosen flowers in my favourite colour, pink!

My pink plant theatre – I have combined seasonal flowers alongside small topiary trees (buxus and myrtle)

Once you have decided upon your colour scheme you will surprise yourself at just how econmically savvy you can be when purchasing your plants.  During your weekly shop for example stop by the flower section and take a look at what you can find. I promise you will be surprised by how much beauty you can create with a purse friendly mindset.

I love to mix and match so I invest in a few unique plants, some beautiful teracotta pots which will last season after season, and add to these more common plant varieties which you can find for as little as £1 each!

Pink delights, a striking flowering plant which I found at my local supermarket

A top tip I received from Julia Dawson who runs the most beautiful small business, The English Potted Plant Company, is to use liquid seaweed to naturally feed plants.  I could not believe the diference this made to my flowering plants, the flowers really did come alive!

I urge you to try and create a little corner of floral delight in your home; you will be surprised how much pleasure you will derive from this simple task.

Happy pottering,

Clara x

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