Without a doubt my heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of the first collaboration between furniture makers, Society Social and interior designer, Ariel Okin.

I have followed the work of Ariel for some years now and always admired her style.  The founder of her own firm, Ariel Okin Interiors, Ariel offers full design service which specialises in luxury residential and unique commercial properties.

What appeals most to be about Ariel’s work is her approach to interior design. Texture, pattern, clean lines are incorporated in an elegant way and every space she designs reflects its owner’s personality. This way she avoids the sterile ‘hotel like’ designs which so many interior designers adopt leaving spaces in my opinion feel cold and without character.

The furniture of Society Social also has been on my radar since I discovered this beautiful brand in the Summer.  Founded by Roxy Te in 2011 with six originally designed bar carts Roxy has been able to build on the success of her unique style and flair to produce and design an beautiful collection which is handmade and customisable. Through Society Social Roxy is able to continue the legacy of her family’s 40 year old furniture business and they have privately owned factories in Cebu, the Philippines and North Carolina where she now lives with her young family.


Good design really knows no borders and the work of Ariel Okin and Society Social really is testament to that.  Unfortunately at the present time Society Social do not offer international shipping but you never know what the future may hold.

Every credit is due to these remarkable ladies, Ariel and Roxy and I wish them every success with their beautiful collaboration which will be available to purchase directly from Society Social online on Saturday 11th April.

Clara x



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