This week we are visiting the home of Sofia, mother of 2 darling girls and author of the chicest blog, Lattemamma.

What a treat I have in store for you; Sofia’s family apartment in Helsinki is truly a dream. Chic and calming, using thoughtfully curated pieces in the most gorgeous newly renovated apartment, Sofia has created a beautiful home with a heart for herself and her family.

Elegant simplicity – a glimpse into the sunshine filled bedroom of one of Sofia’s beautiful daughters

I have been following Sofia for a few years now and we have bonded with our shared passions for homemaking and cooking for our families. I really admire Sofia’s timeless style and the way in which she lives her life in a meaningful and sophisticated way.

It is such an honour to introduce you to Sofia’s world, I know you are going to adore this At Home Style Series feature!

Your personal design style in 3 words?

Timeless, classic, light

Favourite room in your home?

We completely renovated this apartment when we moved into it, around two years ago, so it is difficult to choose as a lot of love went in to all the planning. 

I love all the rooms for different reasons but if I had to choose one it’s the kitchen and pantry area. 

Light and airy, such a chic and timeless kitchen 

I love cooking and baking and drinking coffee there in the mornings when the girls have their breakfast before school. I have always dreamt of a large pantry and I absolutely love mine! 

The most divine pantry in Sofia’s home. Who does not dream of a walk in pantry like this? 

Perfect pantry details – blue and white delight in this dreamy baking corner

What inspires you?

I get inspired by so many things: books, movies, travel, people I follow on Instagram and Pinterest.

I wish to travel soon again. I would say that it is my greatest inspiration. Also antique shops and museums inspire me! 

Morning coffee nestled amongst some beautiful Wedgewood objet d’art

Sofia combines traditional French style pieces with a classic, clean modern look 

Greatest home extravagance?

I don’t know if it’s as an extravagance but definitely our weekly housekeeper Christine who makes our lives that much easier.

Also fresh flowers. Oh, and I have a Cire Trudon scented candle abuse problem I think! They are divine!

During the summer, air conditioning that we installed feels heavenly. It’s not very common in these old buildings in Helsinki and installing it was an extravagance.  Our house was built between 1896 -1910 so not in an era of heated floors and air conditioners. 

Fresh flowers in Sofia’s Astier de Villatte vase 

Last time you treated yourself?

In our home, we treated ourselves to a chandelier we had been looking for for a long time. But, I treat myself to small things every day.

A good cup of coffee or reading past my bedtime when I can’t put a book down. Something I could not do as a child so I consider it a treat of sorts! Oh, and I treated myself to an Astier de Villatte flower vase. It makes me very happy! 

What is on your wish list?

For our home so many things.

I’m looking for a round table and pretty chairs for the pantry.  It’s the place I use as my office for planning anything related to running our family, from meal planning to schedules and everything in between. I also paint there (I’m not an artist but I do love to make little aquarelles). My kids also like to craft there and it is my hope that when the bigger table finally comes they can do their homework here and enjoy snacks. 

A perfect, preferably antique, cupboard for the girls bathroom, and a few other things are on that list too.  All quite big but fairly necessary. But these are all things I don’t want to get unless they are just what I want – we can live with what we have at the moment until they come my way.

Coral and shells beautifully arranged on the coffee table in Sofia’s lounge 

Your favourite interior designer/ interior influencer?

I don’t actually have a favourite. I do get inspired by many people and sources, not just designers, but also other things like a Nancy Meyers movie set or TV shows like Sex and the City – I love Charlotte’s apartment!

A few accounts I love following are Aerin, Mark D Sikes, Horschinteriors, Chateaugudanes and there are so many more!

I gather inspiration from all of these places but ultimately when making interior decisions I trust my instincts and I choose styles and pieces which are good for me, my family and our home.  This is my starting point and I do not worry about what others have, or what may present well in an Instagram picture.

I must add that I could not have created my vision for our family home without my big brother – he is an architect and we worked together to create my dream family home which you see in the pictures.  Growing up together we have such a close bond, he knows exactly what I want to create, we are in tune with one another! He also always points me in the right direction when I am looking for something specific for our home.

The calm interior is followed throughout Sofia’s apartment – beautiful marble worktops and neutral built-in cabinetry 

Thank you so much Sofia for sharing your time with us! Please do not forget to follow Sofia and read her gorgeous blog, Lattemamma

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