Although the weather is still bitter cold outside the sun has been shining bright giving a much needed boost to our spirits.

Flower arranging is a passion of mine; the act of arranging flowers is so therapeutic. Taking a few moments to admire their beauty, to touch them in our hands, to breath in their scent and to arrange them will transport you to a place of deep calmness and joy. I find it works for me!

Best of the season, sweet peas, narcussus, the most beautiful frilled tulips and more in this, my beautiful Wedgwood vase

Using this Wedgwood urn vase, a pre-loved treasure I found on eBay, I created this beautiful display, ‘Spring in a Vase’. The arrangement is composed of blooms which I received as a gift from my husband (we have a special tradition where he always gives me flowers every Friday), narcissus from the supermarket and cuttings from my garden. It is bringing me endless joy and I hope that it delights you too!

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