Recently I was honoured to be interviewed by Gaby Wine for a piece in the Jewish Chronicle, “Pesach Table Plans”.

In this post, I wanted to share with you my 10 tips for setting your table.  These can be applied to any celebration or special occasion. So, whether you set the table for Easter, Passover, or perhaps have a special birthday or anniversary coming up, I do hope you will enjoy and feel inspired by my tips.

My Top 10

  1. Think about your colour scheme. What colours are appropriate and meaningful?

Pink roses, my favourite, chosen on purpose as the hostess knows best!

2. Don’t feel you have to rush out and buy everything new. This will be expensive and overwhelming. Use what you have. You will find when you dust and polish your own treasures at home you will love them even more than you thought possible.

3. When shopping, look at preloved pieces on eBay and in charity shops. I love to pick up treasures for my table when on holiday too.

4. Family heirlooms? Use them! Share stories with your family of the history and meaning behind them.

On this table my silver candlesticks, a gift from my parents-in-law, look beautiful against more modern pieces

5. Add personalised elements to your tables and handwrite place cards.

Using icing I made these personalised place cards using matzah (traditional for Passover)

6. Create something that guests can take home as a little memento.

Handmade take home treats – everything looks better tied with a bow!

7. No table is complete without fresh seasonal flowers.

For this special table I treated myself to the best roses from my local florist, Jennie Mann Flowers

8. If you don’t have any fresh flowers, think about adding cuttings from your garden or use fruits and potted herbs as table decorations too.

Parsely is symbolic for the festival of Passover, it was so cost effective to decorate the table with potted parsley from the supermarket!

8. Encourage your children to get involved in decorating the table.

10. Choose what you love – follow your instincts and have fun!

Your table does not have to be picture perfect! What will make the evening is the people around the table.

You can read the full article here.


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