Out in the garden small signs of spring are appearing; little green shoots popping up as well as the joy of snowdrops, crocuses and the most vivid yellow narcissi. It seems fitting then to write this piece on such a beautiful bright, sunny day as the lady I am going to introduce to you today is just sunshine personified.

Welcome Velvet Victoria McMillan to this week’s At Home With Style Series. She is the founder of home brand, Velvet Victoria Home (“VVH”)  and lives in Scotland in the most beautiful home surrounded by the sea. She has created a modern interior with classic and unexpected twists influenced by her love of fashion and travel.

Classic blue and white interior with a dash of high fashion in Velvet’s home

I hope you will enjoy reading this beautiful and inspiring interview!

Describe your personal design style in 3 words?

Elegant, vibrant and extravagant.

The prettiest pink peonies and roses in Velvet’s kitchen 

Favourite room in your home?

My favourite room in my home is my living room. I live by the sea and this room is completely sea facing. Every window has an unimpeded sea view which looks like hanging sea scapes. It has a lovely Hamptons house feel with a modern edge. It is open planned and has a great calmness to it. You can also hear the waves from the sea throughout the day which gives it a constant soundtrack. It also flows into my home office which is also sea facing. My office is set up like a magazine editorial room which I love and was inspired by my time as an intern at Vogue.

Velvet’s perfectly styled home office inspired by her time working as an intern at Vogue 

What inspires you?

I take inspiration from all sorts of things. I am inspired by other women doing amazing things creatively and in business. I also love to travel, I try to take inspiration from all of the different places that I visit. Travel truly feeds my heart and soul. I recently travelled to the Amalfi coast and fell in love with all the colours of the buildings and tile patterns. You can see the Italian influence of that coming through on VVH.

Summer dreaming in Barcelona 

Your greatest home extravagance?

My greatest home extravagance was probably my handmade Charles Yorke kitchen. My kitchen is the gift that keeps on giving as it changes with the seasons and with my mood. Currently I have my display cabinets filled with blue and white porcelain. Perfect for January and the upcoming spring as it feels fresh and clean. In December I had dried fruit and fresh garlands everywhere which made it cozy and natural.

My most recent home extravagance was an orange Hermes blanket for my living room. The Hermes orange colour really pops in my blue and white aesthetic.

Stunning blue and white ceramics displayed in Velvet’s kitchen 

Last time you treated yourself?

The last time I treated myself was a few days ago when I purchased the newly released Degournay book. I love looking at the wall coverings and imagining what could be. I often create dream rooms and homes in my mind. One piece of fabric, a wall colour, cushion etc can spark a whole collection of items.

What is on your wish list?

My wishlist is ever evolving. I am always looking for new things for VVH and in turn adding to my own wishlist. At the heart of all of my VVH products is my love for each of them. It all starts there – I always follow my eye and hope that people enjoy what I have found for them. At the moment though my wishlist is full of blue and white porcelain and bamboo print fabric.

The Amalfi table set from VVH

Your favourite interior designer or interior influencer?

My favourite interior designer would have to be my mother. She has such a great eye and she also a fantastic way of making even the coldest of spaces feel warm. That being said I also love what is happening across social media platforms concerning interiors. I love that people are taking joy in their tablescapes, homes and gardens. Everyone has the potential to be an interior designer through sharing their images on social media for the world to see. It is truly such a positive movement and I am honoured to be a part of it.

Thank you so much Velvet for sharing your time with us! Please do not forget to follow Velvet Victoria Home to keep up to date with all their beautiful new collections!

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