For the first time ever, the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour was transformed with the introduction of a purpose built WOW! house; for one month visitors could attend and enjoy an immersive design experience.  Twenty world class designers showcased a great diversity of design styles across 20 rooms and outdoor spaces.

Walking through the WOW! house was so enjoyable, the quality of craftsmanship and level of detail in each of the rooms was awe inspiring.

Making an entrance, a fabulous welcome using a beautiful colour palate and lots of texture and interest designed by Shalini Misra.

Being present in such a beautiful space allowed me to challenge myself, I thought about what I admired and was drawn too, as well as styles that did not fit with me, and why. It showed me that interior design is so personal and so what presents so beautifully in an image may not resonate on a personal level. I also concluded that interior design decisions may be dictated by the use of a space, be that a hotel, restaurant or holiday home, and that those may not work so well in a residential home environment.

Timeless elegance in the Drawing Room, designed by Emma Burns and Philip Hooper of Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler 

A cool and calming Drawing Room designed by Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen of Paolo Moschino

Garden room goals – the Schumacher Garden Room designed by Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey of Campbell-Rey 

With music piped through each space, and a clever use of rooms scents employed, it was really a fully immersive design experience in which all senses were activated. I was surpised how the use of colours, pattern, scent and music really did impact my overall comfort and desire for each room.

Pot Pourri elevated with Pot Pourri Apothicaire

A lesson in how to dress a chic coffee table – admiring all the small details and objects on display to really add warmth and personality to the rooms

I am sure after such a huge success WOW! house 2023 will already be in the pipeline so do go along next year if you can, my the images really do not do the experience justice.

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